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The People 

Allison Goldberg is a comedian and creator whose work has been covered by LA Magazine, Good Morning America, The Savage Lovecast, WIRED, NPR, The LA Times, and more. Most recently, she sold her live comedy show How To Break Up By Text to a well-known podcasting platform (releasing in Feb 2024). In that show and format, celebrities perform your break-up texts and then an expert joins as we break down your break up. Guests for season 1 included Bobby Moynihan, Margaret Cho, Iliza Shlesinger, and many others. For the past year, she's been hosting her newest creation, Love Isn't Blind, which is a comedy/dating show where the men can't speak. So far, it's been covered by NBC's California Live, LA Magazine, Time Out LA, Thrillist, on CBS, and more. She is a graduate of Yale University, and is repped by Gersh. Learn more about Alli and her various projects at

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Brad Einstein is a comedian, writer and “brilliant comedy mastermind," according to some very kind exaggerators at Time Out NY. Past credits include The Second City National Touring Company, Billy on The Street, The Onion, The Aspen Ideas Festival, Shameless, Atlas Obscura, BarkBox, and two National Park Service Artist Residencies. He is the creator of Encyclopedia Commedia, now running monthly at the Lyric Hyperion, as well as Tree Huggers Comedy, which has been featured on Atlast Obscura, NPR, Outside Magazine Online, and more. He is a regular writer for the Calm medidation app, and his newest story, "The Dreamboat," is coming out in March and will be narrated by Kevin Bacon. 

The Show

Join Comedians Allison Goldberg and Brad Einstein as they bring a panel of all-star comedians to go head-to-disembodied head with the AI that’s stealing their jobs. From creating pick-up lines alongside ChatGPT to delivering impromptu art history lessons about Dall-E-generated images live on stage, this unhinged (arguably unethical, definitely dehumanizing) competition explores the emerging A.I. frontier—and its implications—in a way that doesn’t make you want to weep in the shower as soon as you get home.

We should probably have AI make us a weird promo video, but for now please enjoy these humans, edited by humans:

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